Don’t Hire a Personal Trainer for the Wrong Reasons

Many people consider hiring a trainer as a status symbol. Just because celebrities have their own trainers, they people feel it’s very cool to have one too! However, Dangerously Fit Personal Training does not come cheap and you can expect to pay handsome fees if you hire the right trainer. So before going ahead and hiring a personal trainer, be sure you are not paying for all the wrong reasons.

You want to Stay Fit by Paying Handsomely

It takes a lot of self-motivation and determination to complete a workout schedule. It takes more still to make workouts your daily habit. However, most people feel they should workout just because they are paying a personal trainer. Their thoughts are like just because they have paid so they must attend each and every session. Missing a session is like losing money.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Getting your money’s worth should never be your sole reason for hiring a trainer. Do it only if you have specific fitness goals and want to reach them successfully.

You want to Stay Motivated

One of the principal functions of a good trainer is to help you stay focused and motivated. That said, it will not really help if you don’t have the urge from within to stay fit. Your personal trainer is at the best a coach and friend who understands your body and your goals and helps you to achieve them. He can give you examples and share anecdotes but nothing can help you if you don’t get up and get moving.

You are Too Lazy

Remember that exercising is not something you do for just a few months. In order to derive lifelong benefits, learn to make exercise a regular habit with OR without your trainer. Don’t hire a trainer just to get up and workout for a few months. It will be a complete waste of both your time and money if you train for a few weeks and then go back to your old; lazy habits.

Rather; use the time with your personal trainer to learn the tricks and tips so that you can continue exercising even after your paid sessions end.

Just because you are Getting a Good Deal

Hiring a trainer just because you are getting a good deal is another name for impulse buying! And you wouldn’t want to do this when your health is concerned. If you like your sedentary lifestyle; then it’s alright with you. But don’t just book yourself a few sessions with a trainer just because you are getting a discount on hourly rates.

Many of these trainers are not even trained properly and offer such deals to attract instant customers. So think twice before hirng your personal trainer on a deal.

You want a Quick-Fix Solution

This is probably the worst reason for hiring personal trainers. When it comes to your health and well-being, there is just no shortcut that can get you into shape safely. Losing or gaining weight is a natural process and takes time. Your trainer can help you along the way but she does not have a magic wand.

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