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The ever popular indigo raw denim is hard wearing and looks fab in any home. To brighten things up a little we now have 100% Cotton bull denim, in a great range of colours.

The covers are machine washable (we would also recommend removable liners to make removing the covers a breeze) providing a practical choice for high use areas in the house esepcially where kids are involved.

Matching topstitch gives extra strength making these beanbags a stylish yet durable option.

Our indigo denim beanbag covers are really tough but do require some care before use.
We use unwashed denim as this is the strongest and most durable form of denim.
Due to the manufacturing process of indigo denim there will be remnants of dye on the fabric.


To avoid the denim beanbag cover bleeding onto lighter color fabric or surfaces (e.g. clothing or carpet), we strongly advise washing your covers prior to use. Please see washing instructions below.
Even after the first wash the denim may still bleed until the beanbag has been worn-in and faded a little so we advise care be taken for a while.

Caring for Unwashed Denim
-Empty beanbag of all fill
-Turn beanbag cover inside out so it has some resistance to unwanted crinkles from the machine.
-To encourage fading and natural worn-in effects, wash in warmer temperatures.
-Wash separately as colour will run
-Tumble dry on a low heat

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